Ambassadors News · Happy Retirement to our Assistant Athletic Director, Mr. Poindexter

After teaching for eleven years at Bodine the Athletic Department and¬†Ambassador community¬†is¬†sad to say goodbye to Mr. Poindexter, as he is retiring.¬† As the Assistant Athletic Director, Mr. Poindexter could be seen patrolling the sidelines, managing events and competition, and of course stepping in as a substitute coach when needed.¬† I am proud to say his career coaching record spanning over five sports is 9w-1L.¬† A win/loss ratio any coach would be proud to boast about.¬† Over the course of Mr. Poindexter’s career at Bodine, he established himself as a pillar of the community.¬† He could be heard shouting at students to get to class on the 3rd-floor hallway or educating teachers and students, alike, on African American history.

Mr. Poindexter held many positions over his storied career at Bodine including Assistant Athletic Director, Social Studies Department Chair, SGA Advisor, MOOT Court Advisor, and Social Studies Teacher.

Mr. Poindexter, it is now time for you to put your seat back and tray table in the upright position…